Here are clients I have worked with and testimonials from clients and other awesome people I have had the pleasure of working with.
If you would like a sample of work please contact me. All research and findings are kept confidential for client purposes.

Clients I have worked with:

The City of Calgary
Citi Group
Inside Edge
Kaiser Permanente
King’s University College
New Balance
Shaw Communications
Suncor Energy
Wholesale Sports


“Tara is somebody you want to work with. Tara is among a very unique class of market researcher in Canada. Instead of producing results that merely tell a client the ‘what’, she is able to extract real insight from data, and then translate that into action. She frequently tells clients what they don’t know, instead of merely confirming what they already know. She works well in interdisciplinary groups, knows her role, and works smart. She tells truth to power, and tell it like it is. In 2006, she was the first to defend, rightly, the line that there were fundamental differences between qualitative and quantitative research. This was, in many respects, organizational heresy at the time. She has the skills, experience, and attitudes that make her an excellent ally and researcher. I recommend Tara.Christopher Barry, VP Measurement Science

“Tara personifies cooperation and results. Her work ethic is rigorous and she is comfortable in a leadership role, ensuring the work is truly done well – all the while making everyone on the team feel eager to contribute their best to the end product. She is helpful at all times, not afraid to ask for help when she needs it, and a pure pleasure to work with. Hire her. For anything.Hannah Stilwell, Content Analyst, Writer, Choreographer, Account Manager

Tara is a solid researcher and analyst in all that she does. Combined with an uncanny ability to keep the strategic end goals in mind, she is an asset to any organization. She also has a way of pulling the team together.” Alison Twiss BSc. MBA,  Executive Director

“Tara is a fine analyst and qual researcher. Highly recommended.” Mark Szabo, VP, Managing Director

“Working with Tara has been a real pleasure. She knows what questions to ask in order to get to the bottom of any issue or challenge and provides solutions that are tailor made for the situation. She’s intelligent, thoughtful and not afraid to speak her mind. A great colleague to work with!” Grant Ashbaugh, Project Manager

“Tara and I were colleagues in graduate school and I was always impressed with her work ethic, her drive, and her ability to get down to work. That’s why I actively recruited her; I knew she’d bring enthusiasm and rigour to the company. I was not to be disappointed. Tara’s research skills are precise, her interviewing technique enviable and results-driven, and her sense of humour is the best part! I would work with Tara again and again for many years to come.” Sam Ladner, Consultant and Principle

Tara is an excellent researcher, completing her work professionally and energetically at all times. She is knowledgeable in all aspects of social research and can work independently or as part of a team. We have worked together on several projects and it has always been enjoyable with Tara generating thought provoking insights. I can highly recommend her for work in her field of expertise.” Steve Balderston, Planner